Tsavo Safari
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Birds of Tsavo

An African safari, for a bird-lover like me, is as much about the gorgeous flying creatures as it is about the walking ones.

This is my first photograph of an Abyssinian roller, cousins to my favorite African bird the lilac-breasted roller.



Driving down the red dirt roads of Tsavo (or any other park, for that matter), we often go several minutes between large animal spottings.  



But birds are everywhere.

This hawk is perched on top of a candelabra tree, its sharp eyes scouring the bush for its next meal.



Same hawk, different tree....and he doesn't look as thrilled with us as I was with him...



Just the craziest thing to be driving along and see ostriches strolling nearby...



Egyptian geese...



This fella is called a secretarybird.  He's bigger than he looks in the photo, and he eats snakes.

A snake-eating bird is a good bird, if you ask me.


A pair of secretarybirds in the top of an acacia tree...



We saw lots of these, hanging around along the roads.  Vulturine guineafowl.

Such beautiful colors on an otherwise homely bird...



Just strolling across the Kilaguni Lodge grounds, lovely birds are all around.

Lots of red and yellow hornbills...



These big crested beauties are called go-away birds because when they cry it sounds like they are saying "Go away, go away."  They ate the blooms off the trees as fast as they opened up.



Marabou storks are frequent visitors to the lodge's waterhole.  Ugly, ugly birds...



Sometimes we got bonus sightings...a spectacular giraffe with lots of oxpecker freeloaders.



The giraffe doesn't mind at all because the oxpeckers eat the bugs that are crawling all over its skin.  As awkward as giraffes are, there are lots of areas on their bodies that they can't reach with their stiff unbendable neck or short tail, so the birds keep them clean.



A tropical boubou...



A weaver bird...


Not everyone got as excited about birds as Kim and I did.  Selah and Ethan were only interested in the big animals, and really wanted to see some lions or leopards.

I'm all about the big cats too, but some days those are elusive.



But these are always around and never disappoint.

The birds of Tsavo.



Anique Gray

I'm blown away by all the wildlife you saw. So many stunning moments!

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