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Adventures with Mama


I am blessed to live just 20 miles from Mama, an easy country drive away.

Most weeks I see her at least twice and talk to her a couple more times.  And every visit these days is an adventure!

Y'all know I love me a good adventure!!!



Just a few weeks ago, Barb and I had the light-bulb idea of getting Mama a standing weekly appointment to have her hair washed and styled.  Not a visit would go by when Mama would complain about her hair, how she couldn't do anything with it and never was satisfied with the way it looked.

Mama is very frugal, and the thought of spending money weekly on her hair was at first out-of-the-question.  Not that she couldn't afford it, but she always assumed it to be a luxury she didn't need.  But how much could it really cost, to have a weekly shampoo and styling at her small town beauty shop???



We checked into it and we found out that answer...not very much at all!!!  

Money well spent!  Not only does it make Mama feel better about herself, but it also gets her out and about where she can hear the latest goings-on in Hagerstown.  (We won't call it "gossip."  We will call it "information."  As we all know, small-town beauty shops and restaurants are information hubs.)



And to top it off, Mama was her hairdresser Darci's school bus driver a "few" years ago.  Mama loved driving the school bus, and Darci was one of the hundreds of children who rode on Mama's bus over those many years.

So if we visit Mama on a Friday morning, an adventure into Hagerstown's Mainstreeters Salon awaits.

Because we know, even though she is perfectly capable of driving herself while we could stay back at her house and clean up a few things, Mama wants us to go along.



Mama's latest big adventure was getting new carpeting.

I have to admit, I wasn't sold on the idea.  But if Mama wants it and certainly can afford it, then who am I to say "no"?  

She told the fella doing the measuring that she'd had the carpet for about 10 years.  Uh...make that 10 times 3!  She's had that carpet a LONG time!!!  And since she's got that cat she adores (she, not me...that's another post all unto itself...), she really did need one of the newer pet-stain-resistant carpets and pads to keep her house clean and not stinky.  

We paid extra to have all the furniture moved, but it didn't include the electronics.


So I arrived early on Monday morning to unhook her computer (easy) and television (a mass of wire craziness hidden in behind the components...).

I've learned to take photos before unhooking anything.  And label every cable with duct tape.  And pray!!!



Mama has the most random things laying around.  She hasn't used this quilting hoop in months.  Maybe years....



We also paid extra to have the old carpet removed.  And boy, are we glad we did!  That carpet pad was glued down with the stickiest glue ever.  Even after 30 years, it was sticky enough to pull the guys' shoes right off their feet!



If it were my house, I'd have those beautiful hardwood floors refinished and not have carpet.  When I was a little girl (I was raised in that house...Mama has lived there for 62 years!), we had those hardwood floors with a few area rugs.  But then "wall-to-wall" carpeting was all the rage back in the '60s, and as soon as they could afford it Mama and Dad put it down.  The original carpet was replaced once...this new carpet is the second replacement.



The prep work took a lot longer than anticipated, due to that super-sticky glue.



Mama's electronics awaiting me...I hoped I could get them back together again.  Yes, she still has a VCR player, although I'm almost certain it was not properly hooked up to begin with, but at this point I'm not changing anything!  Mama could not figure out how to use it anyway....

But she does need her DirecTV box.  How could she possibly survive without Hoda in the morning and Dr. Phil in the afternoon?!



Out on the back porch where they put the furniture during the installation process, Mama sat in her favorite chair and read devotions to me.

She's something else!  

Oh. Yes. She. Is.



What a long day!!!  But finally, 9 hours after I arrived, the carpet was in and the furniture back in place.

And, yes...the electronics all hooked back up without a hitch!  I do believe in miracles!!!



And Mama was happy as a lark with her cushy new flooring.

Athough her cat Lovey was not quite sure what to think.  She's a temperamental old thing (Lovey, not Mama...well.......) and has been known to pee where she shouldn't (Lovey, not Mama....) when things don't go her way.  Let's hope she's accepting of the new carpet too...the jury is still out on that one.

Always adventures with Mama.




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