Be It Ever So Humble
Daniel Evan



Today I am celebrating 61 years on this earth.

And I'm feeling very, very blessed!



My celebration week started yesterday, when two of my dearest friends treated me to lunch.



Despite a grumpy waitress, Brenda, Peggy, and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch and conversation together.

I'm so very grateful God gave me these two to do life with!



We had our hearts and tummies set on creme brulee when we saw it on the dessert menu, but they were out of my favorite dessert.  (It ought to be a crime, advertising creme brulee and then not coming through!)  So we "settled" for key lime tart, black forest cake, and seasalt caramel cheesecake...yes, we must qualify as martyrs suffering like that....



So very grateful to God for bringing me through many storms to celebrate this milestone!






My beautiful friend. Love you!

Donna Cronk

Happy birthday, Terry! Glad it was and is special! I'll arrive at 60 in a few months so I'm on your heels!

Terri Chapman

Happy Birthday my dear friend!! You are very blessed...

Love ya, Terri :)

Kamaron Gray

Happy birthday, Mom! Love you.

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