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For every single year of our 38 together, Memorial Day weekend = butchering chickens

The man just can't help himself.



Oh yes, they were cute 7 weeks ago.  I shook my head then, wondering why in the world we needed to raise 75 meat chickens.  (The yellow chicks are the ones we eat...Cornish Cross breed...we keep the brown Golden Hubbard Comets to lay eggs)

We still have 20 chickens in the freezer left over from last year's crop.  No way did we need 75 more!

But when Kim gets his mind set on something, it's hard to give up.  Even if it all that work just doesn't make sense any more.



Last year's butcher day was nearly a fiasco, as the old scalder (a critical part of the operation) did not work.  So this year he bought a new scalder, and this weekend he christened it.




Over the weekend, he and Kristoffer butchered 25 chickens.  Only 50 left to go....

These girls are awaiting their execution...



...on the chopping block.

Yes, those are chicken heads down in the corner.

Ugh.  I don't like this part.



Kim scalds each one then de-feathers them, followed by a good skin scrubbing until they're clean.



Now that's what I'm talking about!

They really are so much better than the store-bought ones...homegrown and cleaned to our specifications.  The end product is wonderful, but the process is not fun...



I'm hoping my man finally learns his lesson this year...we do not NEED 75 chickens any more!  Our family is grown now and most of them just aren't into the raising/killing chickens thing.

I try to imagine a Memorial Day weekend without the memorable smell of hot chicken feathers.  Kim even admitted (yes, he did!) that he may not even get any chicks next spring since we'll probably have plenty of chickens in the freezer for a couple of years.

I'm crossing my fingers that maybe, just maybe, this "dying" tradition... a dying tradition.




Anique Gray

Today while we were at the lake I was telling Kam how it was like my childhood - swimming at lakes. He said, "You swam at lakes and we killed chickens." We had a good laugh but good came out of both!

Donna Cronk

"Only 50 left to go..."

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