Fun Week Ahead
Coming Soon to a City Near Us!

That Moon, Though...


I must admit, I would've totally missed Saturday night's moon had my friend Terri not texted me (as I was sitting comfortably in my jammies by my fireplace, relaxing after returning home from a busy-but-fun week of travel) to get my camera and take a photo of the gorgeous moon.

Never one to miss out on a photo op of the gorgeous moon, I grabbed my camera, big lens, and tripod, slid on my slippers, and headed out the front cabin door into the nippy March air.

The big nearly-full moon was low on the horizon, just beginning its climb into the clear, starry sky.  

Our Creator God is incredible, isn't He?!

The stunning beauty of His Creation never ceases to amaze me.  But sometimes He just seems to outdo even Himself.

That moon, though....




Terri Chapman

Awe...thanks Terry for providing me with a beautiful imagine. I just didn't want you to miss it ...and I knew you would take a gorgeous picture for me to view!!

Even in the darkness of the night, God is am amazing artist :)

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