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T Minus 9 Days


The countdown is on.

Just nine days from today, Kim and I along with Favorite Son-in-Law Zach and two others will be boarding a plane headed to Kenya in East Africa, where we'll spend the next 10 days serving with our missionary friends Dave and Jen Bell.

Yes, the same Dave and Jen Bell whose journey following God's calling is chronicled in my second book, "Lick and Turn."

This will be our third trip to Africa and their infant rescue center called Mahali pa Maisha (which is Swahili for "A Place of Life).

Lots to do to prepare for the trip, not the least of which is packing...not only our clothes but just as important our ministry supplies.



Got this important delivery yesterday that will be going to Kenya with us.

100 bottles of chewable vitamins for the babies at the center...and plastic Easter eggs with prizes inside!



Since we will be there over Easter, the plan is to visit the Maasai village of Inkiito the day before Easter.  I don't know if the Inkiito children (or adults!) have ever experienced an Easter egg hunt, but they are about to! 

Kim is skeptical that we can successfully pull it off, but I think it'll be fun!  Either way, we'll get to share the story of Christ's resurrection with them!



And the highlight of the trip will be spending time with the 20+ infants at the rescue center, as well as enjoying time with our friends Dave and Jen...



...and their children Selah and Ethan.



And we'll enjoy a couple of days safariing in Kenya's Tsavo West National Park.

(These photos are from our previous trip to Tsavo in September 2016).

The countdown is on for fun days ahead...

...T minus 9 days.




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