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Smudges and Sunshine


This view from our cabin's bedroom makes me smile and my heart fill with gratitude.

I am so grateful for two things:

    The SUNSHINE!!!  YES!!!  What a gloomy March it has been....

    And the SMUDGES!!!  

Those smudges remind me that I have precious little ones in my life (little ones and littler ones!) who come to visit Gramaw.  Tuesday the two 4-year-old grandsons were on an expedition "to America looking for grizzly bears" and their little sisters were tagging along.

I can only speculate that they must've spotted a grizzly from my bedroom window...perhaps catching salmon from our goldfish pond just out of sight in front of the window.

Who knew looking at dirty windows can cause such happiness?

Gramaws are hard to explain sometimes....

I may never wash those windows again (how's that for a valid excuse?!).

This morning I'm praising God for the...

...smudges and sunshine.




Anique Gray

This really pulls at my heartstrings. Our babies are fortunate to have you!

Donna Cronk

When my Sam (age 31 now) was a baby / toddler, he made handprints on my parents' back-door glass. My mom wouldn't wash the glass because she loved seeing his little handprints. We lived on the other side of the state so only got home every couple of months. The memory makes me nearly cry! She treasured seeing him so much!

Terri Chapman

Blessed... Mine come from nose smudges and paw prints!! :)

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