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8 weeks later

I promise this will be my final post about my hip replacement.

I went in for my 8-weeks post op check-up and thought this latest x-ray was too cool not to share.

Yep, that's my new bionic left hip!  They sawed off the original bone ball (I'm sure that is the proper anatomical term for it...) at the top of my femur and gave me a new ceramic/metal/plastic ball and socket.

I am still amazed!!!

The doctor says the x-rays are picture-perfect, that I'm doing fantastically, and I'm pretty much able to ease back into any activity that doesn't cause pain or risk for dislocation.  High impact anything is out (although he did say that if a bear is chasing me, I should run!) and many of the extreme yoga stretches (which I could never do anyway and wouldn't even dare to try for fear of getting "stuck").  Slowly but surely I'm getting my normal active life back.

Kim asked me the other day if I was glad I had it done.  YES!  I'm so, so glad!!!  

I'm a girl from the '60s.  Finally got my own true...

....hippie love.




Terri Chapman

You are amazing!! Doing great ...Look out Kenya :)

Donna Cronk

Isn't "modern medicine" wonderful? Ten years out from his own hip replacement and my husband would agree with your blog! Still picture perfect!

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