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Fried Pie Perfection


In all honesty, I must say that I've never met a homemade fried apple pie that I didn't like...

...but I think my 82-year-old Mama has perfected this fine culinary art!

Every Wednesday we spend together, Mama always has some "project" (or two or three...) lined up for us to do.  Some projects are a lot more fun than others.  

This one takes the cake!  Or I should say, the PIE!!!



Mama had already made the most critical elements, the crust dough and the apple filling, before my sister Barb and I arrived on Wednesday.

So I guess we still don't really know her secrets...



But we got to help put them together, fry them, and (you guessed it!) EAT THEM!!!



One of the secrets is finding the perfect cutter to make them the perfect size.  The plastic Crisco lid, of course!



Barb filled them with the magic formula of Amish dried apples/butter/seasonings stewed to perfection...



...and then crimped the edges together to keep all the good stuff inside and the oil outside.



Seesta Barb is the expert crimper!

She handed them off to me, the expert fryer.



Some powdered sugar (just because everything's better with powdered sugar sprinkled on top)...and they were ready to eat!



The best part?  Sharing them warm with coffee and people you love around Mama's kitchen table.

Nailed it!

Fried pie perfection.




Terri Chapman

Awe I love this so much!! Her plates are the same exact ones my parents have ...and I just took that same picture of my mother's hands working the meatloaf a few weeks back...precious memories :)

Love ya dear friend....

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