That Moon, Though...
While It Lasted

Coming Soon to a City Near Us!


Gramaw is giddy with delight!

Sweet Lucy-girl and her wonderful family will soon be living much closer to us!



They are trading in this home just south of Charlotte in South Carolina, where they have lived for the past 18 months...


Kyler's New Home Harrison

...for this brand new home under construction in Harrison, Ohio.

This photo was taken back in January...the home looks a lot different now and will be ready for them to move in by the end of March.



We're all super-excited that they'll be a whole lot closer for Gramaw to visit.

Which means Abram will have to endure more frequent Gramaw-smooches.  You can see how thrilled he is about that idea!  



Last week Kyler started his new job in Cincinnati, so I flew down and spent the week with Kara and the children.  Their new baby is due to arrive in early May, so they felt like (and I certainly agreed!) it wasn't wise to leave Kara at 7 months pregnant alone with two busy toddlers and Kyler 400 miles away.  

It was a really fun week and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Kara and the grandbabies.  I'm in the process of going through the 200 photos I took during my stay...and you can be sure I'll share them later in the week.

It was my last trip to their Indian Land, South Carolina home.  They will be moving this Friday and temporarily staying with Kara's parents until their new home is completed in a couple of weeks, where we're hoping they'll stay put for awhile.

So glad they're...

...coming soon to a city near us!




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