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Kimmie knows me well.  The way to my heart is through sweets...chocolate and ice cream, to be specific!

So he got me this GIANT Hershey kiss (I know it doesn't look big in the photo, but it was).  Thinking it would last me a few days (who was I kidding???!!!), I started nibbling on it and gosh-darnit, before I knew it I had eaten the WHOLE thing. 

All 1000 calories of it, pretty much in about half an hour.  Or less.

My-oh-my, was it ever scrumptious!!!

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On the topics of sweets and chocolate...this photo has oodles of both!

My sweet 3 1/2-year-old grandson Abram helped me decorate some Valentine's cupcakes with Mega M&Ms.  (I have only found them around Valentine's Day...just a much bigger version of the classics)



Gramaw's rule is that only the perfect M&Ms can be used to decorate.  If there is a crack or chip, they must be disposed of promptly.

Which Abram was glad to do.  And Gramaw helped.

YIKES!  I see a chipped on on that cupcake....Abram, quick!  EAT IT!!!


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Baby quilt

After several weeks of this project lingering, Mama I finally finished it yesterday.

Her little country church women's group gives out handmade baby quilts to young mothers in the community.  While it's a wonderful outreach, it has come to the point where Mama seems to be doing 90% of the work (by her choice, usually) and hence Barb and I get sucked into the project and end up doing 90% of Mama's 90%.  I don't know what that comes out to, but I do believe that perhaps Mama should be bowing out of this ministry as she really isn't able to do it any more.

I should say that Barb and I are not willing to continue doing it any more.

We shall see how that all plays out.... 



I'm pretty sure we went through the same song and dance to finish the last baby quilt she did....

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Our South Carolina kids have been here visiting all week with Abram (3 1/2) and Lucy (22 months).  Plus Gray Baby #3 due to arrive in May.  :)

We are so excited that they have sold their SC house and are moving north to Cincinnati in March!  They are building a new home just inside the Ohio border and it will be ready the end of March.  Kyler starts his new job in Cincy on March 1, so there will be about 4 weeks of transitioning until they finally get settled into their new home.  

A 2-hour drive instead of a 9-hour one...much better for the grandmas and papaws!

Kara sent me this photo a couple of weeks ago, but since Lucy is wearing a heart shirt I thought it would fit nicely into this post.

And a cute picture to end my...

....V-Day randomness.





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