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Three Weeks Later

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Three weeks ago, I walked into this clinic early in the morning and later that afternoon walked (yes, WALKED!) out with my new totally-replaced left hip.

I am still amazed!


Arthritic hip Replaced hip

My hip has been hurting for at least 3 years's hard to recall exactly when it started, but it was before my cancer journey which began in May 2015.  Finally, at the urging of my family and oncologist, I decided to see an orthopedic doctor who quickly could see from the x-ray that I had severe osteoarthritis with basically no cartilage left in that hip joint making it bone-on-bone.  No wonder it hurt to walk.  Or sit.  Or stand.  Or even lie down.  

A generation ago, I wouldn't have had any other options except to live with it, a necessary result of getting old.  But these days, thankfully that is not the case.

So, if you've been following along with me recently, you know I had a total hip replacement on January 17.

I've heard it's a brutal surgery, but of course I was totally unaware of anything that was going on.  The doctor basically dislocates the hip, saws off the ball of the femur bone, drills a hole in the femur and inserts a metal rod inside with a ball (mine is ceramic) on top, and sands down/resurfaces the pelvic bone and puts in a metal and plastic cup for the ball to fit into.

Back in Civil War days, doctors were often called "sawbones," a decriptive nickname for what they often had to do.  Saw bones.  Ugh.  But I guess the description fits my orthopedic surgeon even in this day and age....

Anyway, fast-forward three weeks later and ALL IS WELL!!!  I am walking upright and pain-free...I feel like I've gotten 2 inches taller!  I've had literally no pain, only some stiffness and muscle soreness that I can't really classify as "pain."

So there's your update, for those who were wondering.  I go back to the surgeon for a follow-up in mid-March, but until then I'm cleared to gradually resume all normal activities within reason as I am able.  My mobility is returning, my flexibility is slowly improving....ALL IS WELL!!!

Now here is your warning...if you don't want to see my healing incision (it's not gruesome or anything...but perhaps a little TMI....), just click off the blog now and check back in tomorrow.  For the brave of heart (because I am fascinated by such medical stuff and figure there are others out there who are too!  Seriously, I should've been a surgeon....), I've included a photo below.  And no, it doesn't hurt unless I try to wear jeans.  Not quite ready for anything rough against it yet.

Ignore the 60-year-old white lady skin...if you can....


3 wks post-op Feb7 2018

5" long, the front (anterior approach) of my left hip.

Doing splendidly...

...three weeks later.




Donna Cronk

This is great and such an encouragement for all.
How far this has come! Brian had his done 8 years ago by your doctor HOWEVER it was in the hospital and he spent two nights there (he just confirmed that).


I'm still amazed ... out patient surgery and how well you've gotten along, up and about, waking straighter & taller! Happy for you dear friend 😘

Terri Chapman

That is awesome glad you are now pain free and can walk feeling proud and "Tall"!! :)

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