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My sister Barb sent me this intriguing text over the could I resist?!



The first order of business always when arriving at Mama's is fixing ourselves some coffee.  We each have our favorite cup...this one's mine for two reasons.  Dad always used this cup and I also love me a thin-lipped cup.

Especially when it is filled with fresh hot black coffee!



Barb did not disappoint!  She did indeed have several surprises for our nearly-weekly Show-and-Tell time with Mama.

First, a bag of fun stuff for me!!!  Coffee beans and chocolate-covered cherries!

My seesta knows me well.....



And she sure knows Mama well too!  Her birthday gift to Mama...


...was a handmade lap quilt!



From one quilter to one appreciates the work and love involved in making a quilt than another quilter!

Of course, Mama had to inspect the workmanship...which was impeccable.  Barb is a perfectionist in everything she does, and this quilt was no exception.



Barb and Mama have agreed to disagree on the "best" quilting method.  Mama is definitely and firmly in the "hand-quilted" corner and Barb, while she loves hand-quilted ones too, is just as happy to compromise the time involved to be a "machine-quilting" fan.

So this was especially meaningful that Barb took the extra time and effort to quilt this totally by hand, just for her Mama.



Loving the bright, cheery colors!



Then Barb showed her own masterpiece that she created for herself...a queen-size quilt with a modern triangle twist.

Love, love, LOVE!!!



She even put a fun triangle design on the back side!  And the machine-quilting pattern was a triangle design..perfect!



My sister and Mama are so creative and talented.  Someday I want to be like them....

I did have my own Show-and-Tell, but I was making myself another cup of coffee instead of taking a photo to document it.

A tube of my new favorite mascara for each of them, and also a sneak preview chapter of my new book, The Boxer and the Beauty, the true love story about my parents.

Wednesdays are fun girl times, with plenty of coffee, laughs, lunch out, and...





Donna Cronk

What? Another book? WOW, girl. You slid that one in on us. You are one talented woman with a talent for biography!

Barb House-Fox

Thanks for the sweet post! I DO love our weekly time together, Terry! Those times are treasures for sure, making more memories with you and Mama! You are absolutely loaded with talent, yourself...Let's be clear!!! That's why you are writing yet another amazing book, among numerous other creative and generous ventures! Love ya!!

Terri Chapman

So BLESSED....This is wonderful you are all getting together each week and enjoying "special" moments. I LOVE this so much...and all of you as well.

God's Blessings :)

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