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Behind these enchanting blue eyes are some vivid imaginations.

If a wonderful imagination is a true indicator of brainpower (and I believe it is), then little Lucy (22 months old) and her brother Abram (3 1/2 years) are showing major signs of giftedness.

Spoken by a completely unbiased, totally impartial doting Gramaw....



Lucy, when Papaw stuffed a plastic ball under her shirt, proudly pronounced, "Baby" as she paraded around.

Just like Mommy Kara, who is expecting Lucy's baby brother or sister in a couple of months....




"Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!"

This sweet little one just keeps us smiling!



Both Lucy and Abram would rather play with "real" stuff than toys...although Abram was intrigued by this ancient climbing wooden bear that his daddy played with 25 year ago.



Abram pretended he was hiding in the jungle from Papaw...



...who was apparently part of a strange and mysterious barbaric tribe in the jungle...

The things a grandparent will do to entertain their grandchildren....



The explorer gets his gear on, ready to find the coyotes in the jungle.  I tried my best to change "coyotes" to "jaguars," but he wasn't having it....any explorer worth their keep knows what he's after!




He wanted Gramaw to explore with him, so we ventured into the dark recesses of the guest bathroom, my closet (found a few dust coyotes hanging around behind the clothes in the back corners...scared Gramaw....), and the CLOSET (even scarier!).  But try as we may, those wily coyotes were too elusive for even this most intrepid of explorers.



So we decided to sail our boat (aka my copper bathtub) to Hawaii instead.  Feeding his fascination with all things volcano-related, I told Abram he'd love Hawaii because of its famous volcano Mauna Loa.  Which he promptly told me we would call Fauna Foa.

I tried to snap a photo of them in their boat sailing across the sea, but alas, it was the quickest ocean voyage in the history of exploration and by the time I got my camera my two adventurers were already disembarking.  

And ready to go snorkeling, of course.

Giving up on coyotes and going for the whale sharks.

It's been a long time since Gramaw has been on such a fun adventure!



The little and big explorers were getting hungry.  Any guesses where we went for lunch?



A little pre-lunch lemon entertainment....



Just sooo much fun...



...seeing the world through their silly bright eyes and...





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