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Girls' Day Out


These girlfriends do life together.

So when Mama's 82nd birthday came along, it seemed like a good excuse to do a girls' day out together.

I went along as the designated driver.  And to keep them out of trouble.



First, lunch at one of their favorite places...Bob Evans.

Lots of coffee, story-telling, and giggling ensued...plus a few trips to the girls' room.



The main event was taking in a movie.

Perhaps I should say the "second main event," as it's always hard to top eating out in the event category.

Of course, Mama is always in Mama-mode, checking things out and giving advice.


Greatest showman movie

We'd all heard great things about "The Greatest Showman" and it was indeed spectacular! 

Of course, popcorn and a Diet Coke are a must for Mama.  Of course, she didn't want them until after we were settled into our seats.  But I was glad to make the trek twice (because, of course, she didn't want the Diet Coke at first, then changed her mind....) to the concession stand and nearly trade my firstborn for a popcorn and pop.  Because it was her birthday and she is worth it!



We were 4 of 10 total people at the matinee showing.  

I love how these girls love my Mama...they have the sweetest, most precious friendship!  And I love them for that!

Good times together on our...

...girls' day out.




Terri Chapman

So VERY blessed!!! :)

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