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Fun Week Ahead


As you read this, I'm winging my way south to spend a week in South Carolina with these two sweetie-pies Abram and Lucy and their mommy.

While I LOVE visiting the Carolinas, I'm pretty excited that this will be my final trip to Indian Land, South Carolina, as in just two weeks the Carolina Grays will have relocated north to Cincinnati.

One hour and 45 minutes drive away instead of 9 long hours.  Or, in Abram's terms, a 1-movie drive instead of 4 movies.

Yep, we're all pretty happy they'll be a lot closer!

Kyler begins his new position at Procter & Gamble this week, so Kara's mom Peggy and I are tag-teaming to help Kara (who's 6 1/2 months pregnant and feeling it!) out while he's gone during the couple of weeks before they actually move and vacate their house.  I'm going down to help with the children the first week, Peggy and Jeff are going down next week, and on March 9 the family is moving their stuff and heading north, where they'll stay with Kara's parents and maybe a few days in the cabin until they close on their brand new house the end of March.

Not sure how much blogging, if any, I'll get done this week.  Playing volcanoes and smooching necks will be taking up most of my time.  But you can be sure I'll be taking plenty of photos of adorable children and their antics to share with you soon.

What a fun week ahead!




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