Kaden's Party

FOUR Faces


Today our sweet Krew-man turns 4 years old.

He's smart, a creative-thinker and problem-solver, strong and athletic, with a sensitive and tender side.  Krew loves books, pretend play, building things, and all things dinosaur/lawn equipment/tractors/weird animal/ninja/or knight-related.  And most importantly of all, he is growing into a child who loves the Lord.

Just nothing not to love about Krew...what a precious gift from God he has been to us and our family!



But...he IS a 4-year-old boy, and it has been my experience that 4-year-old boys are not the most cooperative subjects when it comes to posing for Gramaw's photos.



Those lips, though....



Those eyes, though....


Krw-2 Krw-3

Krw-4 Krw-5

Happy 4th Birthday, Krew!  

Gramaw loves ALL of your...

...FOUR faces.




Anique Gray

Ha! So funny. Thank you Gramaw :) See you Saturday!

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