Three Weeks Later
A Knight to Celebrate

Birthday Girl


Tomorrow my beautiful sweet Mama turns 82.

Her celebration begins today, as I will be "drivin' Miss Daisies" (aka Mama and two of her closest friends) as we enjoy a girls' day out.


Mama & Barbara Foulke Sept 2017

This is Mama and her longest-time friend Barbara.  They've been buddies for over 50 years, since they lived across from each other all of our growing-up years on the County Line Road.  Their friendship has lived through the highest mountains of joy and the deepest grief-filled valleys of loss, and yet they still emerge smiling through it all.  Barbara was our second Mama growing up.  But don't let those sweet smiles fool you.  Oh they are sweet alright, but these are two strong ladies who can (and have!) get into some mischief.  Even in their 80s....

I better get my laughing muscles rested up and put on a pair of Depends.

Oh, and drink an extra cup of coffee (although I'm quite sure coffee is on the day's agenda, probably multiple times...).

And say a little prayer....

Yes, I will definitely take my camera along to capture some of the inevitable shenanigans just waiting to happen.  Maybe I should throw an extra Depends in my purse....

My siblings and I are SO VERY BLESSED that God chose her to be our mama.  She's one of those rare people that everyone who knows her (and that's practically EVERYONE in the small town of Hagerstown where she lives) loves her.  Of course they do.



Mama's always up for a little silliness...and often instigates it herself.

We were TRYING to get beautiful....I don't think it worked......



We love her to pieces!  Just like she's loved us for 60 years....



Our birthday girl.




Juanita Carter

I was thinking about your mama today and all the laughs we have shared. Love her so much!

Terri Chapman

Beautiful Terry...tears flowing...tell your Momma "Happy 82nd Birthday" from me!

Love you all...have a great day laughing. (miss those days)

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