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40 Years Ago....

One Proud Aunt

Wyatt sophomore

My nephew Wyatt (my sister Maria's son) has had a dream since the nearly the first day he picked up a baseball.

He's wanted to play for the University of Florida Gators.

Growing up near Gainesville, Florida, Wyatt has been a die-hard Gator-boy his whole life.  Gifted with great intelligence as well as amazing athletic ability, Wyatt and his family have chased his dream of becoming a college athlete.



My sister Maria was a gifted athlete as well, back in the days when girls' sports were just gaining momentum.  Wyatt inherited her good looks, brain power, and athletic talent.



He's also a great football player for his high school Trenton Tigers (that's him catching the football in the end zone!), and he has a couple of state championship rings already as Florida high school's small school champs the past couple of years.

Wyatt is just a sophomore.  I'm sure he's going to be adding more bling to his collection as he enters his junior and senior years!

But as much as he enjoys football, baseball is his first love.


Florida gator

Anyway, all that leads up to the VERY EXCITING NEWS we received yesterday...

University of Florida offered and Wyatt verbally committed to continuing his academic and baseball career as a Gator after his 2020 graduation!!!



The whole family is excited!!!  It's been since my brother Mark played for the Naval Academy back in the late 1980s that we've had a D1 college athlete in our immediate family.

(Maria with her two children, 12-year-old Seanna and 16-year-old Wyatt at Mama's house this past summer)



I see some extra Florida trips and Gator gear in my future.

We're all so excited to see what God has in store for Wyatt!

I'm one proud aunt!!!




Terri Chapman

That is awesome news ...and to get notified at this early age is amazing!! So happy for him and your family. I know you have said what an amazing athlete and I guess this proves it.

Donna Cronk

That's cool! And just a sophomore! Wow, they wanted to snap him up (tee hee, pun intended) before another school did. His dream college at that!

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