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Hip, hip, HOORAY!!!

MAKO Make-Over


So...this is me in all my hip-bone glory.

After tomorrow, my x-rays will have a whole new look as I'm getting a total left hip replacement.

My left hip, which is on the right side of the x-ray above, is damaged from osteoarthritis.  The cartilage has worn away and now it's bone-on-bone, which not only causes me a lot of pain but also limits my movement.  There is no treatment to replace missing cartilage...except live on pain medication, which long-term use of also causes issues.

With the amazing advances in technology, hip replacement is much easier and less invasive than ever before.  So instead of living with constant pain, I'm getting a new bionic hip.


David-graybillThis is my surgeon, Dr. David Graybill.  I actually connected with Dr. Graybill through another Dr. Graybill...my radiation oncologist who also happens to be his wife.  At a recent cancer follow-up visit with her, I mentioned my hip pain, wondering if perhaps all the radiation I received down there for my rectal cancer could have caused a problem.  She said it wouldn't cause it, but certainly could exacerbate it, and suggested I see an orthopedist and asked if I had one.  When I told her I didn't, she highly recommended an "excellent orthopedic specialist."

Her husband.

So I went to see him, liked him, did my research and found him highly acclaimed for his excellent work in knee and hip replacements.  My closest childhood friend has worked with him as a nurse on many occasions and chose Dr. Graybill to do joint replacements on her husband.

Her praise for his work sealed the deal.

After several consultations with the male Dr. Graybill, the surgery was scheduled for January 17.  That's tomorrow.  Yikes!  It's almost here!



This is one of Dr. Graybill's main assistants, MAKO the robot.  Dr. Graybill, with the constant use of computer monitoring during the surgery, will be guiding MAKO's robotic arm to perform the surgery...replacing the ball of the joint with a ceramic/titanium version and resurfacing the hip socket with a plastic covering.  I've had a CT scan and lots of pre-op work done in order to accommodate the MAKO technology to help Dr. Graybill perform as precise a replacement as possible.

I don't understand how it all works.  Another amazing option...I am having it done as an OUTPATIENT!  I will be walking a couple of hours after surgery and coming home to the cabin that same afternoon.  I actually chose to do outpatient.  Infection is the #1 risk in hip replacements and hospitals are chock-full of germs.  I had enough of hospitals during my cancer ordeal...much prefer to recuperate in front of my fireplace at the cabin.

In a few short weeks, I'll be a new woman!  

I'm getting a MAKO makeover!!!




Terri Chapman

We will be praying for an awesome procedure and complete recovery!!

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