Celebrating EIGHT

Last Day of January


I had hoped to take an awesome photo of the Super Blue moon this morning...but drats!  It was overcast and cloudy, so I could barely even see the moon.

So instead you get a photo taken from my back porch of last evening's glorious sunset.

A couple of thoughts as I head into this final day of January...

***Two weeks to the day after my total left hip replacement, I am thrilled to report that me and my new bionic hip are doing splendidly!  I felt very confident going into it that I would do well with the surgery and rehab, and I really have even exceeded my expectations.  I can honestly say that not once have I had any actual pain associated with my hip...none at all, just some tightness and stiffness that lessens each day.  The only real pain I had during the entire experience was constipation-related from taking the pain meds...truly a pain-in-the-butt!  You know you're old when you start talking hips and BMs....

***I truly enjoy ever season and time of year, but if I had to pick a least favorite month it would be January.  The best antidote I've found for cabin fever/winter gloomies is planning and anticipating trips...and I've been doing just that.  On the docket for 2018...TWO (yes, TWO!!!) trips to Africa!  First, to Kenya over Spring Break to serve alongside our missionary friends Dave and Jen Bell, and then in September Kim and I are taking his dad Kenny on a South Africa/Botswana safari for 2 weeks.  Sandwiched between those two is our annual fabulous family week in July at the beach on Emerald Isle.  Dreaming of sunshine and good times ahead!



I'll make another moon-shot attempt tonight....

Live today (and every day!) to the fullest,

...this last day of January.




Terri Chapman

Beautiful...I am so happy for you and your great outcome from the hip replacement. When I heard of the special "moon" appearance this week, I thought to myself...well Terry may have some pics for me to look at :)

Have a GREAT day dear....

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