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I Would Miss It


Yesterday as we were driving to church, the sun was brilliant and the ice-covered trees and grasses appeared absolutely gorgeous January morning.

After remarking on how beautiful it was, I asked Kim if he would miss it if we lived somewhere that winter didn't exist. His answer was, "Maybe for a day or two."



But I, on the other hand, LOVE WINTER!

No, I don't love every single thing about winter.  Just like I don't love everything about spring, summer, or fall either.  I truly enjoy all the seasons, each one special in its own way.




But mornings like this, even if you aren't crazy about winter, it's impossible to deny how breathtakingly gorgeous a winter morning can be.

I often think Heaven must look like this...dazzling, glittery, very pure and bright and full of God's light.


Winter has a special cleansing beauty that the other seasons don't have.  A time of rest and rejuvenation for the entire earth, as well as our human bodies and souls.



There is something just so peaceful and quiet about snow-covered country fields in the winter.

Yes, definitely.

I would miss it.




Terri Chapman

We said the same thing as we drove by those same spots to church !!

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