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Hip, hip, HOORAY!!!


Thursday, January 18, 9:25 am....twenty-four hours following my total left hip replacement...walking in my cabin kitchen!


Now that I've come out of the surgery fog, I'll share with you probably more than you want to know about the surgery.

Our friend and pastor CJ came by the cabin at 4:45 am. to pray with us before we left for surgery.  What a dear friend to do that...I told him he could just as easily pray for me at his house, but he insisted on coming.  After prayer, CJ left and Emily followed Kim and me to the surgery center very early last Wednesday morning.  After getting a little confused and waiting at the wrong building (hey, I've only been there once before and it was dark...), we arrived at the correct facility about 5:40 am for the 6:30 am scheduled surgery.

Photo creds for most of the photos goes to Emily.  She was my documenter and information central.  I couldn't have asked for a better daughter!!!

This is my man...waiting during the surgery.  Always the fashion statement, he is.....



I had a spinal block as well as heavy sedation for the surgery.  I had the option for light sedation, but I didn't want to take any chances of being aware of ANYTHING that was happening to me.  Hip replacement surgery is a bit brutal, I've heard from several who have witnessed it.  Uh, no thank you...I'd rather be napping.....

I woke up about 10 minutes after the surgery and was pretty coherent from that time on.  Emily, bless her heart, had recorded what Dr. Graybill said in his post-op meeting with them, so I was able to hear exactly what he told them.  Everything went fine...the hip socket itself was more damaged than thought, so instead of building it up with the planned 2mm of plastic, he had to use 7mm (about 1/4") to get it into shape.

Amazing what difference 1/4" can make!



That was about 10 am.  From then, it was a waiting game for the spinal block to wear off.  Periodically, the nurse would come in and check my feet and legs' strength.

About noon, I was ready to rumble!  The physical therapist, Henry, came in to help me get up and walk for the first time.




Bless my sweet nurse...she's tying up my gown so I will be "decent" for my inaugural walk.  I've lost all modesty in hospital settings long ago...when you've had 4 babies and rectal cancer, there ain't much modesty left to protect.



Henry is a very nice fellow and I'm sure very good at his job, but I'm not so sure he could have caught me had I started falling.  I felt like Amazon Woman next to him...

But I was steady on my feet from the start, and walked into the hall then into the bathroom for my first post-op pee.

In the category of bladder control muscles had not yet woken up from the spinal block...Kim feared it was blood running down the back of my leg soaking into my medical hosiery.  Oh no, that wasn't blood...(thankfully!).....



My going-home checklist:  

1.  walking

2.  peeing

3.  pain controlled

I totally passed all three, and as soon as Henry was free from his other patients to accompany us, we left for the cabin at 3 pm.

Surgery at 6:30 am, home by 3:30 pm....same day, out-patient total hip replacement.



Back in my "spot"...relaxing by the fireplace!



In a not-well-thought-out scheduling conflict, Kim went early the next morning for his own procedure...having basal cell cancer removed from the side of his nose.  My sister Barb and Mama came up to stay with me while he was gone....Barb even brought lunch.  It was nice having them here.

Kim has been an amazing nurse!  He immediately sorted out all my meds and dispensed them to me at the right times.  Neither of us have a lot of patience when it comes to sickness, so I especially do appreciate how patient and accommodating he has been with me.  I think I'll keep him.  :)


Thankfully, several of these meds were only for the first couple of days.  I think I'm down to 4 now.



I am so very thankful for all of the prayers that have gone up for me, as well as the notes, cards, much love showered upon me that I am truly overwhelmed.

So very glad it's over and I'm on the road to recovery.

Hip, hip, HOORAY!!!




Donna Cronk

Oh, Terry, you look like a model in the whole thing! You look calm, relaxed, confident and your hair is even perfect! What a long way this has come! My husband had this done with no complications 10 years ago (with your doc) and he was in the hospital at least one night, probably two or three even!

Terri Chapman

Wonderful!! So glad to hear from you :) Praise the Lord.....

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