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Happy 2018!!!


I love calendars.  Especially brand, spanking-new blank ones just waiting to be filled.

My daughter Emily shares my love for organizational/office supplies and gave me this fantastic personalized calendar for Christmas.  (Although she gave it to me early, knowing I'd want to be putting my 2018 appointments in it long before now).  Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!  She took photos from the past year that I had posted on this blog and put together this gorgeous personalized calendar.  Just for me.

As eager as I am to start writing in a new calendar (especially one as special as this one!), I'm always a little hesitant.  I don't want to mess it up.  The first few entries are always super-neat, in my best manuscript penmanship, paying very careful attention to spacing and details and wanting it to look just right.

Then, it never fails.  The inevitable happens.  I make a mistake...a wrong time, misspelling, erroneous date, something that requires either whiting out (at first) or later an all-out scribble-over.  After that first mistake, the penmanship goes out the window and I'm back to my normal not-so-neat scratching in of times and details.

Perfection was glorious but all-too brief.

Every single new year.

Kinda like the New Year's resolutions I've made for the past 45 years.  I keep them perfectly for a day or two, maybe even a week or two.  But then that one slip-up and I'm off the wagon for the next 50 weeks.  I've got a whole journal of resolution lists from over the years, and each year's list seems to be very similar to the previous year's...and never achieved.

I may be a slow learner, but I'm not totally stupid.  After 45 years of making and failing at resolutions, I decided that now that I've reached the milestone of 60 I'm done with resolutions.  I've come to the slow realization that some things I am never going to change.

I'm always going to love sweets and breads.  Always.  I do not want to live without them.

I'm always going to not enjoy exercise.  Always.  Although I do appreciate the benefits and I can sometimes have fun doing them, I'm never going to hanker to exercise every day.

I'm always going to struggle with time management.  Always.  I'm a piddler.  I like to putz around and accomplish nothing.  I don't see that changing any time soon.

I'm always going to have trouble taming my tongue.  Always.  Too often my mouth engages before my brain and I say things I wish I could suck back into my mouth.  And the older I get, the bolder my tongue seems to get.  Not one of my better traits.

I'm always going to wish I spent more time praying and reading God's Word.  Always.  It will never be enough, nor should it.  Another aspect of time management....

So there you have it.  Terry's True Confessions to start out 2018.

I'm not giving up, but I'm just keeping it real.  I'm not making any empty promises to myself, but I'm grateful for new beginnings, fresh starts, do-overs.  All because of God's mercy and grace!

Thank you God for the greatest gift I've ever received, forgiveness for my lack of perfection!

My goal for each day of 2018:  Be the best ME I can be.



While I've added a few appointments and commitments to my new calendar, there are mostly blank days. I will make more plans and I know God has plans to fill them that only He knows about right now.  By the end of this year, there won't be many blank spaces on the calendar pages. 

Adventures await!  New years are always exciting and I can't wait to see what God reveals to me as I go through the pages of this calendar.

I don't know what all 2018 will hold, but I do know that every day of this calendar I will strive to be the best me I can be.  Flawed, I know, but covered by Jesus's love for me.

Happy 2018!!!




Terri Chapman

Love this !! We used to make the family calendars every year, but just got to be too much work (40+ hours)!! I am will NEVER get my list done girlfriend...I say we just give up and live each day as God has blessed us with :)

"HAPPY 2018"

Donna Cronk

This is a great post. I identify on so many levels!

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