Gone Duck-Hunting
30th Core Sound Decoy Festival

Wingview Sunrise & Sunset


We're home from a three-day duck-hunting, beach-gazing, bird-watching, shrimp-eating weekend.

We left at daybreak on Thursday....



...and returned home at dusk last evening.

Don't you just love (sarcasm intended!) the time change? Seems like it's always dark....

Anyway, it was a fabulous time of relaxing and regrouping as the busyness of December lies ahead. 

And do I ever have photos to share with you!?!?!

Of course I do!  But they have to wait...I've got Christmas decorations to put up and a tree to cut first.

I love to fly and always choose the window seat if I can.

So thought I'd share a couple of shots of God's glorious handiwork on display from above.

A wingview sunrise and sunset.




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