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Two Sweet Gray Boys


Smiles like these are what brighten Gramaw's days and make me love this time of year.



Last week I picked up my 3 1/2-year-old grandson Krew to help me get my Christmas tree at a nearby farm.



Krew is such a darling child and so enjoyable to be around.  And so cooperative for photos (not a trait to be taken for granted!).



The highlight of the trip for him was "driving" this rusty old tractor.



Somewhere in his family gene pool Krew got an amazing knack and interest in all things mechanical. We know for certain where that talent did NOT come from...

Yes, we did pick out a tree but no, I did not even take a picture of it.  To make a long, frustrating, and aggravating story short, we ended up getting a pricey, precut Frasier fir that had not even been grown on the farm but instead brought in from North Carolina because apparently, although we were SURROUNDED by acres and acres of trees, there was not one single 8' fir to be found on the property.  It's a gorgeous tree and I love it, but not the heart-warming Hallmark memory experienced I had envisioned with Krew as we chose the perfect tree together.

Honestly, he didn't care one bit.  He was all about the tractor not the trees.



When we got back to the cabin, I gave him this nutcracker.  Krew had just seen "The Nutcracker" ballet with his other grandma and was enamored with the whole story, so he was pretty excited to have a new nutcracker to take home.

Such a sweet grandson!



And this one.  Oh my goodness.  Another of my sweet grandsons, 9-year-old Karter.

Karter has a special spot in Gramaw's heart as he is the one who made me a grandma.  He opened the door of my heart to a whole new level of Gramaw-adoration when he was born 9 years ago.

And he's stinking cute too!



And growing up way, way too fast!

Karter has been gifted with a unique and gorgeous singing voice, and I'm so proud of him for sharing his talent. The Shenandoah Singers, the 4th- and 5th- grade choir, had a Christmas concert last week.  They were fantastic!



I'm especially partial to the singer in the right back row, just below the painted "S" in "Raiders."



Karter shares his love for singing with two of his best school friends.



Silly faces!



So thankful to God for the joy they have brought into my world!

Two sweet Gray boys.




Terri Chapman

Unfortunately for us, Fraser firs can't be grown in Indiana climate. I bet yours it still beautiful in that cozy cabin all decorated with your special love!

Anique Gray

I know Krew loved his time with you! A big rusty tractor equals heaven!!! I bet Karter's concert was so good :) Loved hearing the teaser at the cabin a few weeks back.

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