A Kenny Gray Christmas
Happy 2018!!!

The Carolina Grandkids


Our Christmas celebrations are not yet complete...we didn't want to celebrate until our Carolina grandkids arrived this week.

Lucy, at 20 months old now, is quite the charmer.  And talker.



According the child "experts," a normal 19-24-month-old should be regularly saying 50-75 words.

Lucy is not normal.  She's saying at least 150...and understands pretty much everything we say.



But then again, she IS a Gray baby.  Nothing "normal" about our family....



And this one.  Her brother Abram.

At 3 1/2, he must be saying 500 words or more.  And he practices talking all the time. 

Talking. All. The. Time.



His latest gift is his favorite...a volcano lamp.  Abram is obsessed with all things fire- and volcano-related, and he's pretty excited just watching the volcano inside the lamp erupt.

Kassie and Kelsey are mesmerized too.

It's the simple gifts......



Whenever Abram comes, after checking to be sure the fireplace is working okay, one of the first things we do is light every candle in the cabin. He never forgets.



We just adore these two sweeties and are so thrilled to have them back home in Indiana for a few days.



In May they'll be adding a new baby brother or sister to the family.

But before that, they'll be moving back to the Cincinnati area in February.  Hooray!!!



We're so excited that in a couple of months they'll be our Cincinnati grandchildren.

But until then, they're our smart, charming, and all-around-adorable...

...Carolina grandkids.




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