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Mama and Dad's Quilt


Mama is in her happy place these days.



This is not just any quilt.  This one is extra, extra, extra special.

The quilt blocks are made from Dad's old shirts, each one of which Mama sewed for him years ago.

See the Hawaiian print block?  I just saw a photo last night of Dad wearing that very shirt...



This was in 2013...not so very long ago years-wise, but so very much has changed in those short 4 1/2 years. Although Dad was already showing signs of Alzheimer's, we had no inkling when I snapped this shot that exactly two years later we'd be mourning his passing.



That same shirt shows up again and again and again...



...along with all the other shirts in the quilt.  (I ADORE this photo of my grandson Karter with his Great-Papaw Bud!)



So many memories woven into those homemade shirts...and as Mama stitches, she smiles reliving them. Just touching those blocks almost makes her feel his presence again.

It's really more therapeutic than any counseling could ever be.



Those hands, now lovingly quilting this special heirloom, are very special too.  They have loved on everyone in her earth's path for nearly 82 years now.



Those tiny and uniform, perfected with years of practice.  Mama's been making quilts ever since I can remember.



Last week, we finally helped her get the backing on and put it in the quilting frame in front of her favorite window.  It will be her project during the winter, warm and cozy in her happy place as the snow flies outside. A few stitches each day...she said she is not in any hurry to finish it. She wants to savor the process and the memories that go along.



Much of her life story was written around those shirts, and I'm so very grateful she has this precious project to help fill her days.

I know where I'll find her this winter, and it makes me smile just thinking about...

...Mama and Dad's quilt.





Oh goodness, you reach the heart with your words.

Sondra Simmons

Oh, Terry, what beautiful pictures and writing! They bring back such wonderful memories of your family. I always admired your mother's work. Being with her was basking in her lovingkindness.

Ryan Kilian


Terri Chapman

What a beautiful story ...I am wiping my tears now. Such a testament of faith and love (during some VERY difficult times in her life) . And I have already been thinking about wanting one of these someday myself for the same reason.

Bless you all....please give her my love.

**You are such an amazing writer & photgrapher :)

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