They Make Me Smile
Giving Thanks

Two Thrilling Announcements!


#1:  In May 2018, we'll be adding another GRAY baby to our family!!!



Baby Gray will be our ninth grandchild...and he or she (they've assured me it isn't BOTH!) will break the 4-4 boy/girl tie.

Blue or pink, we don't care.  Either way, we are SO EXCITED!!!



And, as if that news wasn't thrilling enough...

#2:  This is the last Christmas Kyler will be hanging Christmas wreaths and lights on their South Carolina home.  By the time Baby Gray arrives, they'll be living in their brand new home being built on the north side of Cincinnati!!!

They're coming "home"...well, at least a lot closer to home than South Carolina.  A 90-minute drive instead of a 9-hour drive makes a big difference....

Kyler's career at Procter & Gamble is bringing him back to the corporate headquarters in Cincy, with his new job beginning March 1.



Yep, we're all pretty excited!



Even Lucy, though she may not realize it yet....

This Thanksgiving our family has even more for which to be thankful.

Praising God for....

...two thrilling announcements!





SO excited for both!!!

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