Machu Picchu
Exclamation Point

Here Comes Gramaw!


Flying south to Carolina for a fun weekend with these two sweet things!

Oh...and their parents too...

I had fully intended to finish up my Peru blog posts today, but yesterday after a busy day the fireplace called my name after supper and it was all over.

The fireplace is a dangerous place for me to go at 6:30 pm these days, when it's already pitch-black outside. All good intentions are out the window, trumped by the coziness of a warm fire and the drowsiness and heavy eyelids that follow.  And that same fireplace always make me think of my little fire-obsessed Abram, and his adorably charming little sister Lucy.  

So the closest to Peru I'm getting today is admiring these cute chullos that my even-cuter grandkids are wearing.  Finishing up the Peru photos can wait.  I've got babies to cuddle and smooch!

Here comes Gramaw!




Anique Gray

Have a wonderful visit!!!

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