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Grandkids' Week

Dedicated to God


Earlier this month, Kim and I were so very blessed to witness two of our grandchildren's dedication in their new church.



Reserving the sacrament of baptism for those of age and maturity to make a personal decision to follow Christ, this special church service was as much about dedicating their parents Anique and Kamaron as well as the church family to rear these precious children to love and serve the Lord as it was about Krew (3 1/2 years old) and Juni (2).

Juni was not sure about it from the time they walked to the front of the church...





...and before they were finished reading their promises to God, she was in full-out squall mode.

Our sweet Juni just being Juni!



She settled down as the church elders and pastor came forward to lay hands on them all (another baby was dedicated that morning too)...



...for a special prayer.



My heart was bursting with love!  There's nothing that pleases this Gramaw more than having her precious grandbabies...

...dedicated to God.




Anique Gray

Thank you for capturing this special moment! Love you too Gramaw!

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