More Birthday Blessings


October is the birthday month for so many of the people I love, Peggy being the last in a string of special October birthdays!  (I guess those cold Indiana winters are good for something...)

And we certainly can't have the birthday of one of my very best friends pass by without going out for a special birthday lunch.  We're always looking for excuses to go out to lunch!



This little gem of a place is only about 45 minutes away from us, but neither Peggy nor I had ever been here.



Brenda was watching her 3-year-old granddaughter Grace that day, so Grace joined the four three of us for lunch.  Dracula decided to hang out on the porch instead...



A charming place with mismatched antique furniture, a rustic chic elegance, and good old Hoosier eats.



Grace always adds an extra element of fun to the gathering!



The birthday girl was watching Miss Grace across the table from her.  German chocolate cake...one of Peggy's faves...happened to be the dessert of the day.  Dessert automatically comes with lunch!  Now THAT's Hoosier eating!



A complimentary bag of kettle corn on our way out!



It was a lovely autumn day...



...to browse through the beautiful gardens behind the restaurant.



A fun morning with some of my best friends!



I thank God for these beautiful girlfriends!  We've been together for a very long time, at least 30 years, but who's counting?

May we celebrate together many, many, MANY...

...more birthday blessings!




Donna Cronk

Four beauties right there! What a lovely time. Can't beat girlfriend time! Grace is learning that at a young age.


Great pictures! Thanks to you & Brenda for making my birthday extra special this year! So blessed by the love & friendship we share. Love you 💕😘

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