2017 Photo Diary - August

The Ride of His Life


My 3 1/2-year-old grandson Krew is obsessed with all things mechanical, and especially big machines.

And most especially farm equipment.

He's in awe of tractors of all kinds, but in his eyes, Farmer JB's farming equipment is the ultimate. I can't drive past JB's road with Krew in the vehicle without him insisting we drive by JB's house to see if his equipment barn is open and what tractors he might be able to see.



So when JB texted me they were running soybeans behind our cabin on Monday, I made a quick trip to pick up Krew so he could go for the ride of his life.

I wasn't sure how willing he'd be to go without me, but Krew climbed right up into the cab and sat down beside JB's nephew Chris, who was working alongside JB in the field that morning.



And they were off!



Yep, my little fella's inside that big combine!




Despite the reflections, you can just make him out in the bright blue shirt.

I know, and Chris affirmed it, that Krew was sitting still and silently and seriously, watching every movement and taking in every detail.




Krew probably could have ridden right there all day, but one round was enough waiting for Gramaw.



That is one proud, happy boy!  He talked about those 15 minutes the rest of the day.

It was truly...

...the ride of his life.




Anique Gray

Thank you so much for making this ride happen! He obviously LOVED it and it's a memory of a lifetime!

Terri Chapman

Awe ...So awesome!!! I had talked to JB after your post earlier this summer, and told him that Krew needed a ride in that BIG green machine when those fields were combined this fall. Looks like he followed through...LOL !! He is a hero; so happy for Krew :)

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