Bring on the Amazon!

Back Home Again!


I'm BACK!!! 

After a fantabulous 2 1/2-week vacation to Peru, Kim and I made it back home Saturday afternoon.

Over the past 3 weeks, we've experienced nearly every mode of transportation known to man...10 airplane flights, 2 train rides, 2 bus rides, countless boat rides, countless vehicle rides, and last (but certainly NOT least!) miles upon miles and stairs upon stairs of footsteps.   

Yes, we had a wonderful time!  Yes, I've got lots of stories to share with you.

Yes, I took oodles and gobs of photos...which will take me some time to go through.  You can be sure after I get them culled, sorted, and organized I'll share plenty and probably bore you with a detailed Peru travelogue of our journey.

All that's going to take some time, and I've got a few other things I want to share and say and do before I get into all that.

But a few initial thoughts/impressions that will hopefully interest you...

    1.  Despite what much of the media wants us to believe, the United States is indeed still the most highly-esteemed country in the world and Americans are highly respected, and we found the Peruvians very eager to please and impress these American guests.  I was, as I always have been, very proud to be an American.  The most coveted passport in the world is a US passport!

    2.  Peru is roughly 1/3 the size of the continental US, and acre-for-acre (or hectacre-for-hectacre!) is surely the most diverse country on the globe, both geographically, culturally, in biological species, as well as in climate extremities. 

    3.   There are still a few really WILD places left on the planet, and the Amazon rainforest is definitely one of them.  Despite the heat and humidity, from which there is no relief from the time you arrive until you leave, we want to go back and explore into even more remote areas.  

    4.  Without rice and bananas, half of the world would starve...including many rural Peruvians.

    5.  There are millions of people in the world who have never in their entire lives been cold.  The Peruvians who live in the jungle definitely fit into that group.

    6.  God constantly amazes me!  His creativity in the incredible animal/bird/plant world is beyond comprehension.  Those creatures could never have just "accidentally" happened.  I'm constantly puzzled how anyone could look at the world and not believe it had a Creator.

    7.   I LOVE traveling!  I know I'm in the minority, but I even love airports and flying...I like to watch people and imagine what adventures they are having and where their journeys are taking them.  As we mark one or two destinations off our bucket list, we're adding three or four more!

But as much as we love experiencing other cultures and seeing God's marvelous Creation, there's no better place on earth than our little cabin in nowhere Henry County, Indiana.  As great of a trip as it was, I sure am glad to be...

....back home again!




Terri Chapman

Can't wait to go exploring with you!!!

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