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Meeting His Hero


My 3 1/2-year-old grandson got to meet his hero on Saturday.



JB farms our ground, and even though he'd never actually met him, Krew has been mesmerized by our farmer friend.



For Christmas, Papaw and I got Krew his own John Deere tractor, which only fueled his obsession with farm equipment and the only farmer he "knows," Farmer JB.



His 3rd birthday party in February had a John Deere theme...



...and all day he pretended to be, you guessed it, Farmer JB.



Krew loves it when he's at the cabin and JB is out working in our fields. Krew loves to pretend and has an amazing imagination, and he often likes to sit in his pretend couch-cushion "tractor cab" being Farmer JB driving his tractor.



Every time I bring Krew and Juni to the cabin with me, Krew insists that we drive by Farmer JB's house and see whether JB's barn doors are open and what farm equipment he might have out that day.  Every time we see a John Deere tractor near the cabin, Krew insists it's Farmer JB. The man is omnipresent!

Rarely a day goes by that Farmer JB isn't part of Krew's conversation and play time.



Until Saturday, Farmer JB was only a myth and a legendary hero in this little boy's mind. 

What a shock when Krew finally met JB in person!  Krew was a bit star-struck at first, but soon warmed up to JB as he showed him photos of his tractors.



I doubt Farmer JB has any idea how much those few moments meant to Krew.

After months of talking about him, pretending to be him, "stalking" his farm, Krew finally got to see Farmer JB face to face.

It was a day Krew will never forget...

...meeting his hero.




Anique Gray

This just melts my heart! Such a monumental day for our little farmer meeting JB in person. Good thing he had his tractor shirt on! :)

Terri Chapman

So awesome...maybe someday he can get a ride in that BIG "green tractor"!!!

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