2017 Photo Diary - July
Meeting His Hero

Back in Our Hometown


As a final joint event on our 2017 "Lick and Turn" book tour, Dave and Jen Bell and I set up a booth at Hagerstown, Indiana's annual end-of-summer Jubilee Days. All of us having Hagerstown beginnings, we hoped to reconnect with some folks we knew way back when and sell some books.



We couldn't have been assigned a better spot for our booth...right across from the ICE CREAM vendor.  (After sampling a few scrumptious flavors during the day...all delicious, I might add...I highly recommend their honey ice cream with hot fudge topping.  Heaven in a cup...)



We were also just a few steps away from one of the stages where different entertainment was scheduled all day long. Ethan and Selah were mesmerized by the magician.



Selah was chosen to assist the magician...



...and quite enjoyed her time on stage!  That girl's laugh, though.....



She's seen lots of crazy Americans while she's been in the States this time...one more to add to her experiences!



Ethan got to taste the Fidget Spinner mania that is sweeping the Midwest right now. Talk about a crazy fad....



Spinning silliness with cousin Peter...



As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing and talking with folks I grew up with. Bobby (who now lives in Atlanta) was my neighbor on the County Line, the big brother I didn't have, the leader of our myriad of childhood adventures. What a fantastic childhood we shared and so many wonderful memories, country kids making our own fun! Mama let us do lots of things she'd never have allowed as long as Bobby was along (presumably to take care of us? Little did she know he was the biggest perpetrator...) Anyway, plenty of smiles and memories shared with people from many, MANY moons ago...



A wonderful day all around! We did sell lots of books (as well as eat lots of ice cream...)...

...back in our hometown.





It was great to see you and the Bells at Jubilee!
Your Lick and Turn book is just as impressive as Winnie's.
A few tears and lots of smiles while I read it.
You are a wonderful writer.
What's your next book?

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