Small Town, Big Talent


The Nettle Creek Players tent theater was a summer regular during my teenage years in the small town of Hagerstown, Indiana.

Every summer, the big red and white tent would go up and for a few weeks our little town enjoyed a taste of Broadway culture.  I have wonderful memories of going to those shows...they were a highlight of the summer, a taste of big city entertainment in our little corner of Indiana.

For 25 years, the Nettle Creek Players presented a Summer Stock Tent Theatre Season, until finances forced it to close in 1997.  And for the next 20 summers, Hagerstown's Main Street was void of the big tent that had graced it for so long.



When I found out that the Nettle Creek Players was revived and would be performing again this summer, I was excited and bought tickets!  On Friday night, Mama and I with my friend Peggy and her mother-in-law Maxine (in the 94-degree heat, I might add...)...



...saw a very talented group of professional actors (along with one local young girl) perform "The Fantasticks."

I can't compare it to the Broadway version, as I've never seen this show before.  From my non-artsy-cultured perspective, the story line was a little weird.  But the singing and acting was, well, FANTASTIC!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and what a fun evening out!



Then on Saturday, Kim and I took Kristoffer and Dana's family to the Players' performance of "Thumbelina."  Very same actors, in a musical designed for children.  We all enjoyed it, but Kassie and Kelsey particularly loved the show.

I was blown away by the talent of these actors, being able to do multiple shows at once.  How in the world do they memorize all those lines and keep them straight?!



I'm so glad The Nettle Creek Players is back!  I'll definitely plan to see next year's performances.

Small town, big talent.




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