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A-maize-ing Resurrection


The evening of July 7, just before dusk, I took this photo.  Once again, we had been slammed with a torrential rainstorm, flooding the fields and garden and completely flattening our first planting of sweet corn.



Kim was sick with frustration.  We both were.  Had we not been leaving early the following morning for vacation, I'm quite sure Kim would've put on his boots and worked for hours straightening each cornstalk up again.  I've seen him do it before.

But there was no time this year.  We were packed for a week at the beach and ready to pull out of the driveway before daylight.  This year he had to just let it go, and hope the later planting of sweet corn fared better.



2017 has not been a good year for gardening or farming in our neck of the woods.


July 17

Imagine our complete and utter shock when we returned home 10 days later to this!  The cornstalks righted themselves and were standing and tasseled!!!


July 17 close-up

The bases of the cornstalks are bowed, but somehow or other those cornstalks found the strength to stand tall again.  Time will tell if it pollinated properly and we actually get any sweet corn.  But least now it has a chance, where before it was hopeless.


July 17

I still can't believe it.  

And I couldn't help but compare it to the resurrection God gives us when He lifts us up out of our lowly, sin-filled state and gives us new life when we accept Jesus.

New life.  For this beaten down maize.  And for us.



July 17

Just a teeny-tiny real-life illustration of God's almighty life-giving power...

Truly an a-maize-ing resurrection!




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