Enough Already

We Escaped


Who allows themselves to be locked in a tiny room with only our wits and smarts and puzzle-solving ability to get us out?

Ummm....that would be us....



An Escape Room adventure was our Mother's/Father's Day gift from our two oldest children.



I guess it's a trendy thing to do right now (and you know how we're ALL OVER the newest trends)...and this is how it works.  You pay (???) to get locked inside a theme-based room and through figuring out hidden clues you puzzle your way out.

Our kids had both done it a few times (in different theme rooms...each one is unique), so I was confident they would get us out. Kim was leery of the whole thing...he's not one to break out of his comfort zone. But we were game! Mostly it was a fun opportunity to spend some time with our adult children.



We were assigned a room host who gave us the rules and locked us inside.  (Never fear, there is an emergency way out...just in case. But I couldn't help wondering what if this was all an elaborate "Criminal Minds" set up...)  He could see us inside the room at all times, every move we made, as well as hear our conversations. And, if we got stuck, he could give us 3 clues to help us escape.



You're allotted 60 minutes to escape, and we did it with over 17 minutes left.  Pretty darn quick!  And if we hadn't had a malfunction of one of the locks (which our room host helped us with), it would've been a few minutes quicker.

While I helped search for clues the whole time, the others were much faster and more clever than me and I didn't do a darn thing to help with the puzzle-solving.  Until the very end, when I did decipher one of the key clues.  Every one of us contributed in some way.  We're a competitive group, for sure!



Dinner afterward...



Zach and Emily...



Dana and Kristoffer....

I do love my peeps!



And especially this handsome man!  If I had to be locked up with anyone, I couldn't choose better company.

But I'm glad...

...we escaped.




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