2017 Photo Diary - May 16-31
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Girl Cousins


Hazel House's granddaughters.



There are 12 of us girl first cousins, and 9 gathered at our cabin for our first-ever girl cousins' get-together Saturday.



Of course, when the House girls gather a yummy spread of food is a definite requirement!



We ate together under the shade of an apple tree...




If laughter is truly good for the soul (and I do believe it is!), then our souls should be in happy shape for a good long time. Felt so good just to sit and eat and talk and LAUGH together, sharing memories that only we have. It's been way too long!!!



Two of my all-time favorite peeps...my sister Barb and cousin Sabine...



Seestas!!!  Sabine and Sonja...love these two!



Carrie (on swing with me) and Gail (behind Carrie) had a lunch commitment and had to come later, but I'm so glad they worked it into their busy schedules!



On the swing...Kennetha (the first girl cousin), Sonja (the "baby" first cousin), and Connie

Behind...me, Barb, Sabine, Jenny (who we adopted in when she married our cousin), and Susie

We were missing 3...my sister Maria and cousins Ladona and Denise.  Hopefully they can make it next time!

When I look at this group of special women, I see a group of giggly girls chasing each other around Grandma's yard, hunting Easter eggs, giggling together on Grandma's steps on Christmas Eve.  Wonderful memories of good times together!

And also when I look at these sweet peeps of mine, I see survivors.  Strong women. Although we've all been blessed abundantly in our lives, we've all suffered much heartache as well.

Together we've celebrated joyous occasions of weddings and births and graduations.

Together we've cried as buried parents/aunts/uncles, husbands, and three of these mothers have even endured the unspeakable heartbreak of burying children.

Together we've suffered through divorces and family drama and regrettable decisions and mistakes we've paid dearly for.

Together we've survived organ transplants and cancer journeys and health crises.

Together we've giggled and sobbed, hugged and prayed for each other.

We haven't always been close in proximity, but we've always been tied together at the heart with that unbreakable forever family bond.

They will always have a special place in our lives...





Barb House-Fox

Love this post! It was an awesome gathering of amazing women, for sure! Shared memories....priceless! Thanks so much for the hospitality, Terry!

Terri Chapman

This is so wonderful....I grew up with my family being small and all my cousins far away, so we didn't travel much to see any of them. That is a special bond that I never had...enjoy the memories you had and are still making! :)

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