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Love Me An Old Covered Bridge


Love me an old covered bridge...



Meandering north from West Baden Springs in southern Indiana a couple of weeks ago, we got off the beaten path to find 3 covered bridges that were kinda on our way home.



This one has been beautifully restored but, like many old covered bridges, is no longer in use which is a shame.



Heavy rains the previous few days had swollen the river outside of its banks.



I marvel at the symmetry and architectural craftsmanship of a covered bridge. Those beams are huge!




One of the longest covered bridges I've seen and in excellent shape!



Can't say the same about this one just a few miles down the road...



I do so hope someone will restore it.  But it's not looking too hopeful...



When the directions take us down a road like this, I know I will not be disappointed!



And I wasn't!



What a charming little gem!  And yes, we drove right through it!  How fun it would be to own a farm just beyond this covered bridge...

If this little bridge could talk, what stories it could tell. I think about what this bridge has witnessed... how many secret kisses have been stolen under its cover, how many tears have fallen inside, how much joy and laughter have echoed through it from schoolkids playing in the creek, how many buggy wheels have creaked across it, how many open wagons caught in an unexpected downpour have sought refuge under its roof.

Stuff like that.  Am I the only one who thinks weird things like that?!  I know I'm a romantic at heart...



Beauty, history, functionality, and charm all bundled into a simple span across a hidden creek.

I do love me an old covered bridge.




Terri Chapman

Yes ....I visited that Bean Blossum covered bridge as a child and adult on many a trips to Brown County in the fall...you must go back and experience that beauty of the leaves there :)

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