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You Just Never Know


You just never knew when you might be driving down your familiar country road, almost back to your cabin, when a very large dark shape breaking the sameness of the soybean field catches your eye.

You drive closer and closer still, keeping your eye on that dark form as it begins to take on the distinctive form and coloring of a bald eagle.  A BALD EAGLE???  Could it be??? Could it possibly BE an EAGLE?????



Your heart is beating faster as you realize that yes, IS indeed a BALD EAGLE!  Standing in a field on your farm property! 

And you're very glad that your camera, which happens to have a decent-size zoom lens attached, is laying on the passenger seat within easy reach.

Because the eagle is "close" but not THAT close.

And you hit the brakes and slow waaaay down (because you can do that on a deserted country road...) and pull the car over to the edge, put on your hazard flashers, and get out of the car with your camera and take a photo.

First rule of wildlife can't afford to wait for the "perfect" shot.  Get what you can, then try for a better opportunity....



...driving very slowly and easing up until you are as close as your car allows you to get, then quietly getting out for a couple more shots...



...before the inevitable happens, and your presence and attention spook the eagle into flight.



And you try to keep him in focus, all the while being completely awed by his huge wingspan...



...and graceful soaring, and you want to pinch yourself to be sure it's real.

That you really DID just witness a LIVE BALD EAGLE on your very property, right in the middle of Indiana farmland.



And you're very, very grateful that you "just happened" to be driving home at that very moment and "just happened" to have your camera ready and loaded with a zoom lens.

An ordinary March Saturday afternoon suddenly became extraordinary!

Reason #527 to ALWAYS have your camera with you...because.... just never know.




Terri Chapman



So awesome! Thanks for sharing great pictures.

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