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Tri Kappa Authors' Luncheon


It's been 2 years now since the launch of my first book, "Unsinkable."

After the first 8 whirlwind months of speaking engagements and book signings in 2015, my book-related appearances came to a screeching halt at the sudden September 2015 death of Winnie, the biographical subject of the book and my co-speaker at events. 

Over the past 18 months, sales of the book have continued, mostly through Amazon and Kindle sales.  But I hadn't done much promotion recently.

So I was thrilled to be invited to be one of the authors at the 1st annual Tri Kappa Alpha Tau Book & Author Luncheon in New Castle, Indiana on Saturday.



What a lovely event the TriKappas put on!  And I got to rub elbows, renewing friendships and making new ones, with some other local authors, each with very unique talents and writing for different audiences.

Loved it!

My fellow authors (left to right):  Sean Slagle, me, Donna Cronk, Annette Goggin, Teresa Southerland, Becky (TriKappa chair), Mark Herbkersman



It was a GREAT day for book sales for me...we sold 23 copies of "Unsinkable"...PLUS a bonus of trading books with Sean and Annette (I've already got Donna's books and one of Mark's...and Teresa writes educational-type materials, not books) that I'm looking forward to reading.



And...these 4 brought a huge smile to my face!  My very own "groupies" surprised me and came to support me.  We had planned a group photo afterward, but I got too busy sellling books to make it happen.

I just LOVE my friends!!!  I've got the BEST ones on the planet!  And it was so nice to see their smiling, friendly faces out there as I did my 10-minute spiel on "Unsinkable."



It really was a great crowd of wonderful people!

I should've taken more photos.  And...I'm especially kicking myself for not taking a photo of Judy and Angie, Winnie's wife and daughter, who also came to help with the book and support me.  Love them both...and daggonit, forgot to take their photo before we got busy.



If you haven't yet read it, I highly recommend it (says the author, unashamedly promoting her own book).  Seriously, it's not MY STORY...I just was blessed with the opportunity to put down Winnie's incredible story on paper.  And I'm SO GLAD I did...he passed away unexpectedly just 8 months later, and I'm so thankful his story will live on forever through the book.

You can get a copy through Amazon by clicking HERE or, if you want a signed copy, I'd love to mail you one!  Just comment on this post and I'll get back to you with details.

A great time sharing Winnie's story once again... the Tri Kappa Authors' Luncheon.




Donna Cronk

This was such a fun event! Everything about it was perfectly organized, timed and carried out. And it's always a treat to sell some books besides. So glad I got to visit with you, Terry. You did a beautiful job speaking.

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