2017 Photo Diary - March 1-15
You Just Never Know

Thank Goodness It's Friday


There are weeks...and then there are WEEKS.

This has been one of those second kind.  And this gal's plumb wore out.

Nothing terrible, nothing mind-blowing or earth-shaking...just lots and lots of running around, catching up, and general busyness.

Mama's taxes (and tracking down all the forms and information needed) and a phone-in call with the church's CPA about did me in. Too many numbers and details for this simple-minded girl.  Our CPA told me yesterday that I was a bookkeeper at heart.  Does she ever have THAT wrong!

The weather hasn't helped.  Bitter cold and biting wind.  I can handle in January and February, but not in March.  Ugh.

Fitness classes...dancing and sweating and pumping and sweating and planking and sweating and crunching and sweating and boxing and sweating...and a whole lot of hard breathing in between.  So good for me! But exhausting!

And just the normal everyday stuff that fills my hours with joy and frustration, thankfulness and aggravation, relaxation (okay...not much of that this week!) and stress.  You all know what I'm talking about.  We're all in that same boat.

I'm not one to wish my days away, like those who say on a Monday morning that they can't wait until Friday.  That's not me...each day is a precious gift and not to be wished away.

One Bible verse pretty much sums up my past few days...

    "Each day has enough trouble of its own."  Matthew 6: 34

True.  Very, very true.  Especially this week.



Thank goodness it's Friday.





Last week was our "WEEK". This one was much easier thank goodness. And only one more until gramaw and Papaw are here!!

Terri Chapman

Amen!! :)...But look at the beautiful views God provided us this week in the bitter cold and wind we had !

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