2017 Photo Diary - March 1-15



There are times when I look out my kitchen window and God literally takes my breath away with the beauty of His creation.


Early Sunday morning was one of those times.



And even though it was still nearly dark out and super-cold, I grabbed my camera and padded outside in my robe and slippers to capture the fleeting moment of the full moon setting just before sunrise.






Moments like this make me feel so small.  And realize that God is SO BIG.

My Sunday morning devotion...

...a full moonset.




Donna Cronk

Just WOW! Was this on Sunday night? I was coming home from a meeting Sunday at 8:30 p.m. and caught a glimpse of the moon in the east with beautiful pink colors like a sunset around it -- in the east! Had never seen anything like that. When I got home, the elevation was such that I couldn't see it and then a bit later, the pink was gone and the moon was beautiful and large, but not like what I witnessed briefly while driving. It was a moon rise! Incredible! God was just showing off! Praise Him.

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