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Itching for Adventure


I love the winter.  I really do.  Snuggling by the fireplace while the snow flies outside makes me one happy girl.

But I'm over it for this year.  Ready to move on.

I'm itching for some adventure.



In years past, Kim and I have taken some kind of tropical vacation as our Christmas gifts to each other.  A winter get-away that involves sunshine and palm trees and beaches.

In 2015, it was Costa Rica.



In 2014, St. John's.

All this winter, I've dreamed of St. John's.  One of the most idyllic places we've ever been.  We MUST go back there...soon.


I Pooped t-shirt

Last year at this time I was unable to travel anywhere, recuperating from my rectal cancer "adventure" and yes, celebrating poops. (The small things in life really ARE the big things!)

And this year, although I'm feeling healthy and strong and generally terrific, our schedule has been a little too crazy this year and a winter get-away vacation just didn't happen.  Kim and I both agree that we NEED another adventure...six months have now passed since last September's Botswana trip and we're needing another travel fix.



So...we've been planning one!  In September we'll be spending 3 weeks in Peru...canoeing down the headwaters of the Amazon, scaling the Andes mountains, exploring Macchu Piccu, sleeping in a treehouse in the rainforest, and photographing exotic species of bird and animal life.

Or the Kim-and-Terry version of the above...which will probably be more like attempting to avoid an anaconda confrontation (we all KNOW who would win that one!), huffing and puffing our way up a couple of hills trying to keep from getting altitude sickness, lying in our own pools of sweat as crow-sized mosquitoes buzz around our heads, and forgetting to turn on my camera as the elusive and endangered jaguar crosses just in front of us.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?!  Seriously, it will be a FANTASTIC adventure and we're so excited to go!

Sometimes just the dreaming and planning is enough to keep me going...

Meanwhile, we've also got a few other travel plans...heading to South Carolina for a weekend with my Carolina grandbabies (and their parents, of course) in just 2 weeks, flying to San Antonio with Mama to visit my brother and his family the first of April, and our annual July beach vacation with all of my peeps. And a possible road trip to North Carolina with Mama and Barb to see her peeps...

So there are a few things on the horizon.  I love having trips to look forward to!



Especially when it sounds like we're in for another brief winter blast here in Indiana over the weekend.

But surely it won't last long.

And even if it does, I'm heading south in two weeks!

This Hoosier girl is ready for a change of scenery...

...and itching for adventure!




Terri Chapman

Me too ....Ken's sister and her husband moved to Ecuador and are doing some missionary work. I am way behind on my annual vacation planning and have to get going...you are pushing me to do so...thanks !!

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