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Abram's Three!

Coming Off Cloud Nine


Cloud Nine.  According to my Google search (the source of all knowledge), it means, "In a state of blissful happiness."



Ever wonder where that expression comes from?  

Here's your useless tidbit of knowledge for the day... clouds are classified by number types, with #9 being the very, very high, fluffy cumulonimbus cloud classification.  So to be on Cloud 9 being on top of the world!

That's how I've felt these last few days (on the offhand chance that maybe you missed me...), spending them 24/7 with a couple of my grandbabies, Lucy and her brother Abram, who happen to live too far away in South Carolina.

Not only was it fantastic to get to smooch on my grandbabies and see my son and daughter-in-law, it was absolutely GLORIOUS to get away for a few days.  It's been WAY TOO LONG since we had a vacation of any sort...not since November, and that's too many months away for me to remember clearly.

So...this week is packed with stuff to do...get caught up at home and at my church job, drive to Ohio with Kim to pick up baby chicks, snuggle my other six grandbabies that I've missed so much the few days we were gone, go through/edit the 600+ (yes, I took THAT MANY!) photos from our weekend trip, maybe write a chapter or two in my book-in-progress (probably not gonna happen, but a girl can dream...), AND... unpack/launder/repack my suitcase to leave again Friday with Mama for a trip to Texas to visit my brother and his family.

Back home again for a few days.

Back to reality.



Not nearly as much fun, but all good things must end.

Coming off Cloud Nine.





We're suffering right there with ya until Friday ;) So glad you could come visit. We loved having you.

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