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Return of the Eagles


I distinctly remember the sinking sadness I felt in my heart when my elementary teacher told our class (50 years ago!) that we'd likely never see a wild bald eagle in Indiana again.

That was back in the 1960s, when the widespread use of the pesticide DDT had decimated eagle populations nearly to the point of extinction in the contiguous US. Our class read about the eagle's demise in our "Weekly Readers" and I can remember feeling so sad at the thought.

Well, my teacher was wrong.

I spotted my first wild bald eagle in Indiana a couple of years ago when I was driving to nearby Pendleton for my hair appointment. I was so thankful to have my camera in the van, and I stopped for a few shots and excitedly told my hair dresser all about it.  She told me where its nest was, and I've driven by it countless times in hope of seeing the eagle pair there. While I've never seen them in that tree, I have seen the eagle around Pendleton a couple of other times, and it's always a thrill.



So Friday, being the gorgeous day it was, I had a few minutes to spare after my torturous dental-crown session in Pendleton, so I drove to check out the nest area.

I could see him/her soaring high against the blue sky, and as I got nearer the eagle landed in a tree just across from its nest, overlooking the lake. Can you see it?



I was glad to have packed my mega-zoom camera lens in the van that morning...just in case I got lucky, which I did!



The nest...



...the fishing grounds (aka private IMI property)...



...and the bird.

Oh. My. Goodness.



Thank you, God, for protecting this majestic creature and bringing them back from the brink of extinction.

And thank you for allowing me the privilege to see them once again, in my lifetime, thriving in the wild.



Thank you God, for the...

....return of the eagles.




Tanya Bennett

I love this. Such majesty and grace. We are blessed to have bald eagles that remain and are protected.

We have one that SOARS down a small river behind my parent's lake home. Its wing span looks like it is wider than the little tributary, and it is one of the most magnificent sights on a morning sitting on the back patio enjoying God's gift of natural beauty. My mind thinks of Isaiah 40:31 every time I see this happen.

Terri Chapman

Awesome - we go and watch them up by Peru, In along this one stretch of the river. The trees will be loaded wit them. They are so neat. We see them out at the reservoirs too.

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