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Ice Cream Love


Like Gramaw, like granddaughter.



We both love our ice cream!



I've always loved ice cream, but when I was sick it was the one food that didn't cause me bathroom issues. So there were days I literally lived on ice cream.

A nice variety is available in my freezer at all times. A girl needs options.

I can hardly wait for my Schwans man's visit every two weeks to replenish my stash. (Such an exciting life I lead!....)



My Mama loves ice cream too.

It's a rare visit that doesn't include ice cream in some form...even if we just talk about it!

Some of my earliest and best memories of childhood revolve around visits to Millers Dairy for ice cream as a treat for a straight-As report card. We nearly always had a carton of vanilla ice cream in our freezer at home, but what a treat to go to Millers and get to choose from so many different, exotic flavors! 



And all my grandbabies love ice cream too!

What's not to love???!!!



Juni experienced her very first cone this week.



One might say she inhaled it. 



Suffice it to say, Girlfriend takes after her Gramaw and Gran-Gran.

Another generation of...

...ice cream love.




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