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Hand of old friend

I am plumb worn out this morning.

From laughing.

Last night I reconnected with some dear "old" friends that I've kinda drifted away from the past few years. Gals I saw nearly every day when our children were all in school together...we did that season of life together.  Mothers Club, school parties, Little League, basketball joys and frustrations, football bleachers....we were all in it together.

Then our children graduated and our lives just slowly drifted apart. We'd run into each other occasionally for a brief hello, and that was it.

I found myself missing my friends. And until last night, I didn't even realize quite how much.

Last night we got together for the first of what I hope will be monthly friend sessions, around tables of cards and cups of coffee.

And we laughed. And laughed. And LAUGHED!!!

Until we were all exhausted with laughing.

I seriously thought I was going to have to break out the Depends. THAT kind of laughing!

The hands of old friends....ah... good it feels.




Terri Chapman

Awesome ..I NEED one of those kinda days!! Love ya

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